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Buckminister Fuller & The Geodesic Dome

Imagine a house that creates its own power and is heated and cooled by natural means. Its structure can withstand earthquakes, tornadoes, and hurricanes and does not require exterior maintenance (i.e. painting or roofing). The unique interior of the house is designed to include rooms with nonstructural walls allowing for changeable floor plans, cathedral ceilings, self-vacuuming floors, and evenly distributed light, heat and sound. This house is easy to add on to, is available in a kit that can be erected in hours or prefabricated and delivered by helicopter. Sound like an episode of the Jetsons cartoon? Well, the dynamxion house was built in 1946 by Buckminister Fuller and cost less than a third of a traditional dwelling. 

Buckminister Fuller was an inventor, architect, engineer, mathematician, author, educator, poet, philosopher, cosmologist, environmentalist, and visionary humanist. Often, referred to as "a 20th Century Da Vinci, a modern Ben Franklin, and a jet-age Emerson" (Documentary "Buckminister Fuller: Thinking Out Loud" by American Masters). Bucky, as he is sometimes affectionately called, was an early environmentalist, who understood the finite nature of the earth's resources. He was an enduring optimist, who realized that technology could solve global issues, especially regarding housing and transportation. Buckminister believed that every human being should have access to affordable mass produced housing. He was determined to transform the housing market by designing and constructing structures based on the concept of maximum efficiency with minimum cost. 

Buckminister Fuller is best known for creating the geodesic dome, which he utilized in all his architectural designs. Geodesic domes enclose the greatest volume with the least surface area because of their spherical shape. Basically, a geodesic dome is built out of interlocking triangles that brace one another requiring no other structural supports. "Local loads are distributed throughout the geodesic dome, utilizing the entire structure. Geodesic domes get stronger, and cheaper per unit of volume as their size increases--just the opposite of conventional building" (J. Baldwing, see links below). Buckminister's geodesic domes are used around the globe, from the South Pole to the arctic, in some of the most extreme climates and altitudes. They have been proven, time and time again, to be one of the strongest structures ever devised. Accordingly, an earthquake would have to split the ground and swallow the dome to destroy it. 

The advantages associated with geodesic dome design over traditional "box" shaped dwellings include:

  • Energy efficiency. Geodesic domes work well with alternate energy sources, such as solar panels, and due to their perfect shape evenly distribute heat and/or air-conditioning. Homeowners can save up to 50% on energy costs using present popular power sources.
  • Environmentally sound. Domes require about 40% less building materials than conventional buildings. From the production of material to the construction of the dome, less natural resources, less energy, and less labor is used with minimal disturbance to the natural environment
  • Easy orientation. Domes can be orientated on a lot in virtually any direction for a great view and optimum sun exposure.
  • Superior strength. Domes can withstand extreme climatic conditions, including hurricanes, tornadoes, and heavy snow loads.
  • Spacious interiors. When you walk into a geodesic dome you experience an open airy sensation without feeling confined or boxed in. Ceiling skylights add to the impression of overall comfort and spaciousness as you watch the clouds move by. Some domes have ceilings over 28 feet in height with balconies that overlook the downstairs rooms.
  • Changeable floor plans. Interior floor plans are almost limitless because they are not dependent on loadbearing walls to support the roof as in traditionally shaped housing.
  • Superior light and sound characteristics. Spherical shapes amplify light (it is actually brighter inside a dome than outside in many cases). Sound is distributed evenly, with approximately 30% less outside noise infiltration.
  • Easy to add on to. Why renovate? Domes can be easily expanded as your family grows. Another dome or clusters of domes can be added with little forethought and without the worry of conventional remodeling where loadbearing walls and roof trusses are a concern. Up to 50% of the lowest ring of triangles can be removed to add doors, walls, or windows. For example, garages, porches, green houses, solariums, pools, and dining coves, can be attached.
  • Minimal upkeep. Geodesic domes do not need upkeep like conventional structures. Exterior painting and/or roofing, depending on the materials used, may not be required.
  • Varying floor levels and ceiling heights. Foundations can be added to create another lower floor, lofts can be added with riser walls to increase useable headspace.
  • Economical. Domes can be purchased in a do-it-yourself standardized kit format and are widely available throughout Canada and the United States.

Links "Buckminister Fuller: Thinking out Loud", by American Masters. This site is about a documentary made on Buckminister Fuller. It is informative with actual video clips and great articles written by J. Baldwing. provides a list of books written by Buckminister Fuller and other resource material, as well as, useful links. 

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